Von Grünigen (Paolo Coloni Racing) join 2015 Auto GP ranks
Joining the Auto GP pack will also be Swissman Christof Von Grünigen, driving for P.C.R., Paolo Coloni Racing. The 23-year old racer has been lining-up in F.Renault NEC, Alps and Eurocup before making his way to Auto GP last year with Zele Racing, and will be rejoining the series' ranks this season. He will be among... continua

Paolo Coloni Racing joins Auto GP
Auto GP is delighted to welcome a new team on-board for the 2015 season. Paolo Coloni Racing will make their debut in the 2015 Auto GP season with the goal of fielding three cars. The team benefits from the 30-year experience of Paolo Coloni in motorsports as a driver and team manager, including the success achieved... continua

Paolo Coloni Racing breaks cover
The world of motorsport is about to welcome an emerging reality coming from Italy. Paolo Coloni Racing is getting ready to make its debut on the international scene under the lead of Paolo Coloni. After proving his talent and skills as a driver and moving to team management duties with equally positive results, Coloni... continua

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